Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where have you been LucindaBee?

Hello LucindaBee - why so long since we have seen you here in BlogLand?

I don't know the answer to that question.  It feels as though for the last year or so I have been overwhelmed by the needs of family and work etc and the inclination, let alone the opportunity, to blog has been the last thing I have felt capable of.  Facebook seems to have taken over my online time at the detriment to creativity.  I did have some posts on this blog - the 'latest' being from October last year - but I have deleted them all as they weren't current.

In the past I thought my blog should be about making things so I felt pressured to 'create' something so that I had something to blog about.  That doesn't feel right -and the fact was that that approach totally took away my mojo and left me doing nothing.  I'll never be one of the highly creative 'moms' I see on the internet who decorate their homes by the season and can whip up anything with just a glue gun and a paint brush - but oh how I envy those women :).

This time round LucindaBee is about the day to day happenings in my life.  It might be something I have made, photographed or seen elsewhere on the World Wide Web, or it could just as easily be about something I am grateful for, something I have seen in the media - or just something which made me smile!

I don't feel that I have to write a post every day - that will be nice but not something which I will stress about if I don't.

Phew that felt good to get out of my system.  The photos below are some of the things I made last year - I didn't want them deleted entirely :)

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